Wine Kits

Our Vinters Reserve are formulated with 10 liters of pure varietal grape juice. Most of these juices come from great vineyards from the Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley or Columbia Valley. The value and the price will not be beaten! Each kit comes complete with all the additives and yeast needed for the particular variety. Each kit yields 6 gallons of world class wine. That is 30 bottles! Ready to bottle in 4 weeks. The whites benefit from a month of aging after bottling. The reds are amazing with 4-6 months of aging.

Our World Wide Wine kits produce high quality wines utilizing top juice from the best vineyards from around the world and matched them with the exact appropriate yeast to complement the style. These also contain 10 liters of varietal grape juices from the country indicated by the style. Yields 6 gallons of world class wine. Enjoy whites after one month of bottling, reds condition beautifully after 4 months of storage.

Island Mist and Twisted Mist are a delicious alternative to everyday wines and wine coolers. These premium Fruit Wines combine the crisp freshness of distinctive varietal wines with full fruit flavors, these unique kits make a fun, refreshing wine-based beverage to enjoy any time. Contains 7.5 liters. Yields 6 gallons. Ready to bottle in 4 weeks. Ready to enjoy immediately after bottling.

Selection International Wine Series sources product from the world's great wine producing nations. The premium 15 liter wine kits showcase the styles that made each region famous. Due to the timing of the various regional harvest seasons and the availability of product meeting stringent quality control standards, varieties are available as supply dictates. Bottle condition for 6-18 months. Yields 6 gallons and available by special order.

Selection Estate Series Ultra Premium Wine Kits offer the absolute pinnacle of quality achievable with a home winemaking product. Each kit contains 16 liters of the finest 100% pure varietal grape juice and juice concentrate with no sugar added. Each offering showcases product sourced from a specific world-renowned grape growing area! Bottle condition for 6-18 months. Each kit makes 6 gallons and available by special order.

Selection Premium Wine Kits contain 15 liters of 100% pure varietal juice and varietal grape concentrate, with perfectly balanced pH, acid and tannin levels. The large volume of pure grape juice in the blend provides more of the subtle characteristics than grape concentrate alone. Certain kits contain "F-packs" or finishing packs designed to enhance flavor and round out sweetness in those styles which require it. The F-packs are style specific and will be noted on the outside of the box if one is included. Bottle condition for 6-18 months. Yields 6 gallons and available by special order..